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Well, water is a basic necessity, which means that people would be looking for it every day, making it twice more profitable than other business ventures. Step 5: Build your water refilling station.

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Step 11 If your water refilling station is completely ready, you can contact your supplier to install the equipment. Step 3 After getting your equipment, find a good location to put up your water refilling business.

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Step 1 First of all, you need to find a reliable supplier of water refilling machines. Ensure that photos found in brochures match with the tangible product. Indeed, the water refilling business is among the top ventures Pinoys choose today. Installation can be done in one to two days. Fast delivery also attracts customers. Ensure that the surroundings of the water refilling station area are clean. Consequently, DOH issues implementing rules and regulations prescribing sanitary standards for water supply systems, including water refilling stations. Aquabest For more than a decade, Aquabest has definitely proven its best in the water refilling station industry. In addition, a water refilling station is relatively easy to manage, you would just need to find the right franchise and also a motivated and punctual delivery guy that might be the next carrot man! The demand at the water refilling stations - water stores that sell purified water is now increasing. Customers prefer their water supplier to be able to provide the latest technology in purifying and supplying them the cleanest water. Then you should be looking at franchising a water refilling station. Step 9 Now, you need to process another document at the Bureau of Internal Revenue. To spread word about your outlet, offer fliers in crowded areas in your neighbourhood like markets and churches.

For water refilling stations, CHD is mandated to issue initial and operational permits. Your customers will be mostly well-off people who are too busy to buy holiday gifts and companies that order gift baskets to be given away to their employees and clients. With such an intense competition, how do businesses cope up with the pressure?

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They also strictly follow a floor plan or a store layout to ensure all the equipment, wiring, and piping will be installed properly for a seamless purification process. It can either be a franchisor who offers a water refilling station equipment as part of its packages or a company that only offers water refilling machines. With worldwide acclaim, it is only right to try franchising a Ybanez Water Refilling Station. Check if the layout is being followed including the pipe lines, drainage, and washing area. If it passed, then you can proceed with opening your water refilling station business. This makes use of a reverse osmosis equipment which has semi-permeable membrane that only allows pure water to pass through and pushes the unpure water out of the system to the reverse side or the reject drain line. Reservation Please call to register, or you may download our registration form. Being a hands-on business owner allows you to prevent pilfering or any breach in sanitation that may affect the quality of the water.

Be innovative. Costs of delivery are important to consider. If your funds are limited and want all profits for yourself, or you want to start your own chain, here are some tips to get you started: Even depressed areas rely on water refilling stations for their drinking water.

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A motorcycle with a sidecar is the preferred mode of delivery in the country. However, before putting up this kind of business, it is best to learn different printing methods digital printing, silkscreen, direct to garment for a more specialized venture.

Address: Quezon Avenue, Brgy. To achieve this high quality drinking water, stations are equipped with high-performance machines that are involved in the following: Multi-media sediment filter — removes sediments such as rust, sand and particles that are invisible to the naked eye; employs a total of 5 filters.

In both locations, these families must find alternate water sources if they are to avoid cholera epidemics and other health problems spawned by the foul, contaminated water available in their neighborhoods.

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How to Start a Water Refilling Station Business in the Philippines