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This is the last of the 4 prompt options and we recommend choosing the prompt you have the strongest connection to.

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Finally, what would it mean to you to have an opportunity to paint on the Beta Bridge? Again, with this prompt UVA wants to see your interest in a subject in action.

For instance, if you volunteered in a hospital and often worked with patients recovering from physical injuries, you could discuss watching people slowly regain mobility.

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Finally, what would it mean to you to have an opportunity to paint on the Beta Bridge? Show and tell the committee why this is matters so much. Again, the key for this essay is to be personal. We are looking for passionate students to join our diverse community of scholars, researchers, and artists. At its core, this prompt is a chance for you to recognize your own capacity for growth and maturation. Answering this prompt requires an interesting combo of creative interest in action and traditional why essay elements. We'll send you information to help you throughout the college admissions process. Why are you passionate about the topic and why do you think there should be a discussion about it? Where did you see potential to put this knowledge to good use? Is there a Singlish word that really typifies your experience of growing up in Singapore? This is another prompt that has appeared on past UVA applications. Keep in mind that you don't need to have cured a disease or invented something significant in order to answer this question well. Tell us about a health care-related experience or another significant interaction that deepened your interest in studying Nursing.

There could be several reasons why you chose this field of study but make sure to choose something that is personal to you and had a large impact in terms of exciting your interest in the subject. Once you've chosen a topic and premise, think about what you actually want to share in the seminar.

And what about the rest of the UVA community - does your message have a special meaning to faculty and staff?

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Make sure you are answering the question and that you frame your subject of interest as something that would make for an interesting course.

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