The influence of the bauhaus on typography

The treatment of the poster is to indicate that the font has a history and a time factor which plays an important role in how you view it or use it today.

Bauhaus style of typography is effective in conveying the message of the design.

bauhaus geometric font

It has a balanced layout,a structured and geometric shape with sans-serif letters in upper case or lower case fonts which claims to be simple. Its message never left him, as he said in "My work seen in its totality is a statement about the integration of the contemporary artist into an industrial society".

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He died in hospital in Space University gave us a project on designing a type specimen and to find a type that resonated with me, my first instinct was to research around the Bauhaus movement.

Was it in order to confuse us? The use of this type family was mainly for posters, magazine covers and advertisements.

The influence of the bauhaus on typography

The school suffered the poverty of defeated Germany in its early years. Machine-shaped metal, and glass replaced hand-carved wood and stone. Bayer joined Kandinsky's wall painting department, steeped in his theories of colour and form, for which his final piece would be a nightclub in Weimar.

The Bauhaus school was founded by the architect Marcel Gropius in Principally an abstract painter, Albers also was a designer and typographer.

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Six Fonts that Prove Bauhaus Typography is Alive and Well