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Recent years have shown that more and more organizations are realizing that working with architecture is essential for achieving and maintaining effective business operations.

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The lack of clarity and ownership deeper in the organization leads to 1 misallocated resources because people are working at cross purposes, 2 excessive leadership time spent correcting and clarifying the direction because others are not convinced or they fail to understand it, and 3 poor execution of the strategy due to diffuse and differing priorities. No more flag-planting or opening a few stores to test out the market. Nevertheless, in concert with defining the marketing strategy you must also have a well defined approach for the day to day process of implementing it. In all, the leader has little control over subordinate. I am very grateful to him. The leader intervenes to ensure the standard skills is applied to achieve performance. In addition to the challenges which have already been identified as confronting the SMEs, Pupulampo also identifies that very little research on organizational leadership has so far been carried out, with very little theory to support the practice. Strategic leadership balances a focused analytical perspective with the human dimension of strategy making as documented by the Park Li Group. Building trust mean leaders must show transparency between leaders and followers to achieve organizational success Ghosn v. Rowe, W. At the turn of the 20th century, there was a shift from "Great Man" leadership to leadership learning. A leadership model that introduced Batty and Quinn consists three components: who, how, and what. Leadership Made Easy. Strategic Leadership: Defining the Challenge.

As a result, when a company develops and implements effective long-term strategies, it could impact on the competitive positioning of that company on the market. Change is inevitable. Grandstaff, M. A major reason is the lack of understanding and commitment to the steps required to build more effective strategic leadership practices and a strategy dialogue in the operating groups below the senior managers.

USA: University of Pittsburgh press, To some extent they can be categorized as socially managerial entrepreneurs in the context of Africa Buame Using middle managers in this role allows these individuals to raise their own strategic leadership bar.

research paper on strategic leadership

Schabacker, R. Having this larger group of managers accountable for successfully defining and executing a strategy is not only critical to building winning strategies but if done in a way that includes both the analytical and the human dimensions, it is incredibly energizing for the organization.

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This is known as win-lose orientation.

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