Teratogens essay

Everyone is exposed to environmental hazards but expectant women face a higher risk environmental Teratogens because it is very difficult detect to establish their presence. Once class started, I was a little confused of how it the class was going to be because I already had the thought in my head that I was going to be learning about people older in age, rather than learning about how babies develop before they are born Having good health and avoiding drugs from conception to birth is extremely important during the thirty eight weeks of prenatal development. Betty, Winnipeg Thanks for helping me with the last 2 papers. It causes no harm. Therefore, mothers are advised to be very careful so that they can reduce the chances of malformation of the baby when they are pregnant. These children are not one of the fetal alcohol spectrum disorders but have subtle behavioral and learning problems that are often undiagnosed or misdiagnosed as autism or attention deficit disorder. Teratogens are also substances that are found in the environment which are known to cause defects in fetal development.

Thank you, guys! Some types of teratogens consist of certain medications, chemicals, and infections or other diseases in the mother Things to Avoid During Pregnancy: Teratogens, Alcohol, drugs, over the counter medicines and cigarettes are all listed as a teratogen which is defined some form of outside mean that affects the baby and are usually not too easy to detect at times.

Teratogens essay

Chiras, D. Such treatments and care can be financially exhausting and time consuming for mothers that trying to balance a life between having a career and taking care of their baby or child. She became part of a study to find out if there were any chemicals in her body that she did not know of.

There are many facilities that woman can go to in order to receive more information about drugs and alcohol and the wide-ranging effects it has on their babies.

Most of the effects from cocaine show up later on in life for the child.

Effects of teratogens on prenatal development

Contact our live support team for any assistance or inquiry. Washington D. Teratogens are factors that cause developmental problems of an embryo. In most cases, the mothers who were unaware of their pregnancy and consumed alcohol later claimed that their children suffered from disabilities such as learning problems, being below average academically, and as well as being hyperactive and impulsive. These children have been noted by teachers to be slower learners and expressed behaviors that were incompatibly with learning at the average rate. The observation went well and it lasted about an hour, my classmates and I were able to observe and take note of the development of the infants. In this, the body systems of the baby have a growth abnormality where they usually do not develop fully. Fetal Alcohol Effects include hyper activity, difficulty concentration and slow learning. This paper will further investigate the kind of effects that methamphetamine, cocaine, and alcohol have on a baby prenatally and postnatal What I find truly amazing is just how much crucial development the fetus will undergo during the embryonic period, which is within the first eight weeks of pregnancy

Better understandings of common prenatal complications and how to treat them have made a significant difference in the survival rate of infants They range in too hard to too soft. Mothers are often unaware that frequently drinking these beverages can have long term effects on their child.

On the other hand, infectious Teratogens occur when a woman develops some infection during her pregnancy.

teratogens and their effects on prenatal and infant development

Each of these styles take a different view point on ways of raising their children. Many factors have a significant effect on nutrition and it is important to continuously maintain a balanced one.

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Teratogens Sample Essay