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Chartreuse, leaf, Granny Smith, lime, neon, acid green. I wanted to breathe in more and more to keep taking it all in.

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If you need help with powerful descriptions, try some figurative language to help to paint a picture and evoke emotions. When the scores are more spread out of the mean, there is a greater variance.

Describe a silent place in the woods you love since your early ages. The weather had changed overnight, when a backing wind brought a granite sky and a mizzling rain with it, and although it was now only a little after two o'clock in the afternoon the pallor of a winter evening seemed to have closed upon the hills, cloaking them in mist.

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The green grass in the courtyard is immaculately kept The most expensive painting ever sold. Writing about the job of your dream is good training before preparing an admissions essay or job resume. What are your household chores? Chartreuse, leaf, Granny Smith, lime, neon, acid green. A friend and I would go to the drainpipe, and we would sit, talk, eat our lunches, and listen to my walkman. Prescriptive Grammar When grammar is put to use in a society, people will often have different beliefs at what is the "right" or "proper" usage.

Out of those 3, people 1, commit suicide because they never received help or had people like us that care enough to help Give a description of your daily routine.

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