Rising powers and global balance of power

The reasons behind this is twofold: first, a new periphery has appeared as a result of the de-integration process and secondly, key non-state actors in promoting cooperation at the SSC level have emerged. If China stays on course, the size of its economy shall surpass that of the US by the late s.

The authors claim that South Korean capitalism was in crisis and its economic expansion could not be limited to the confines of the nation-state. Lastly, it would have been beneficial to readers if editors provided a conceptual framework on the terminology surrounding the SSC, rising powers, emerging powers, and the Global South as it would help readers situate such terminology in the changing international order.

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But the economic balance of power has shifted in the eyes of some key U. The author asserts that the SSC does not stand as a strong structure against the North, and notes that a more concrete platform needs to be determined for the SSC.

The South must form a new, strong and unique institutional architecture in order to strengthen their partnerships. As supported by Muhr in Chapter five and Rodrigues in Chapter nine, the subordination of the Global South to the Global North stems mainly from the changing nature of networks both at a global and regional level, as well as the Eurocentric foundations of international relations theories and production of knowledge.

Survey ReportsDecember 6, People around the world broadly think Russia plays a more important role in international affairs than it did a decade ago.

Upon addressing these, the author offers some policy recommendations to reinforce cooperation. Yet, there is growing popular unrest in the BRICS countries with respect to exploitation, extraction activities, ecological destruction, and neoliberal practices.

In India, growth had accelerated. In Ecuador and Bolivia, for example, inclusive development concept has been incorporated into the constitution.

For instance, South Africa, a sub-imperialist state, finances its own projects in Africa through its own development bank.

Inthey were only three times as large as the BRICs.

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The global economic balance of power is shifting