Resolving conflicts between religion and politics essay

Radical Jewish cells in Israel and Hindu nationalists and Sikh extremists in India are other examples of fundamentalist movements driven by perceived threat to the faith. Field diplomats do not only reject the artificial distinction between internal and external conflicts, but pay attention to the interdependence of different conflicts in space and time.

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Once the process was complete, it became in possible for orthodoxy to give any place to new ideas and new thinking. Each of the religions addresses the subject: whether directly, indirectly, or symbolically.

According to Abul Fazl king rules for the welfare of his subjects and to achieve this he has right to change ancient traditions and communal institutions. He underwent severe torture but persisted in his opinion.

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Therefore, religious nationalists respond to threats to the religion by seeking a political entity in which their faith is privileged at the expense of others. It was a Machiavellian step that freed king from all religious bindings and made him authoritative and powerful.

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As a result of this settlement, a system emerged in which the ruler had unlimited power.

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Religion and Conflict