Research paper on addiction to social networking

In Study 2, we developed and tested a two-stage self-help intervention program.

Signs of social media addiction

Conversely, a lack of interaction or endorsement causes anxiety and jealousy Bennett, Journal of Medical Internet Research, 19 12 , e, Doi: Addiction is a compulsion, which causes severe trauma to a persons life. Also, because Social media addiction has been found to be associated with a host of emotional, relational, health, and performance problems e. Do gender differences exist in the amount of Internet addiction? The youngest millennials, age , were even more likely to use social media. Typically, lurkers tend to envy others for their travel and leisure experiences, social interactions and overall happiness. Creswell, J. For example, researchers may administer a semantic scale question in which respondents report the degree to which they are introverted or extraverted. Today, people use it to socialize with people they know and to expand their circle of friends.

Participants each completed a set of questionnaires in class. College Student Journal, An introduction Social Networking, 4th ed. Privacy concerns in social media were gauged via 4 nominal-scale true-false questions. The Internet addiction index for males was determined to be an average of These questions were the foundation for the item survey using Qualtrics online software.

Shaffer, H. To address anxiety, the survey may ask respondents to report the frequency in which they feel anxious on a 5-point Likert-type scale. Privacy concerns in social media. Lee, Y.

causes of social media addiction

These questions were addressed in our literature review, above. Future recommendations To further investigate possible indicators of social media addiction, possible research may include observation of personality differences and their effect on social media consumption.

The article states that some users try to leave their social media accounts, bu anxiety leads many quitters to return to social media within 24 hours.

Self-esteem, on the other hand, was positively related to mental health.

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Social media addiction