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A recent Accenture survey[1] revealed that although business executives firmly believe that people are their most important asset, most executives are at a loss to prove that investments in people lead to improved business results.

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Response bias is an even greater concern in longitudinal research. HR practices shape employee attributes through perceptions of what the organisation is like psychological climate and mutual expectations about the exchange between employee and employers psychological contracts at the individual level.

Thus the inter-level premise proposes that attitudes, behaviours and Human Capital collectively influence organisational effectiveness through organisational climate and normative contracts at the organisational level. For example, companies that are under-performing at the time of adopting new work practices may report a downwards-biased effect size because of their pre-existing financial climate.

However, improving some methodological features and the expense of sample size is counter-productive because it increases the chance of falsely accepting the null hypothesis as it will be more difficult to detect the interaction effects of combining practices with a smaller sample.

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Based on a review of the vast research conducted in this areas, Ostroff and Bowen predict which HR practices should have a direct impact on different employee attributes; such as knowledge and skills Human Capitalattitudes satisfaction, organisational identification and commitment, motivation as well as workforce flexibility and control and monitoring.

Intra-industry studies are useful because they reduce error that arises from confounding organisational and worker variable by reducing the variance in these variables.

Prior to the more recent emphasis on and pleas for strategic integration, organizational recruitment, selection, training, and development remained relatively unchanged, having evolved into a relatively standardized approach frequently labeled as "traditional" Storey, Firstly, Human Resources that are intended to enhance employee flexibility and that have a monitoring and control function effect organisational performance directly by improving operational efficiency.

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The allocation of abstracts to either include or exclude took place using the following guidelines. It therefore needs workers throughout all levels of the organization who are willing to remain flexible and learn new skills Failure to articulate a business strategy that prioritizes the organization's target energy sources, production levels, geographic areas, and markets will prevent HR from recruiting the appropriate personnel and achieving its production targets and overall business goals. Many studies measure and statistically control for other variables, particularly in longitudinal studies, that are hypothesised to affect performance and confound the effect of the work practices. Whilst this Masters thesis reviews literature on a topic that overlaps between the psychological and economics domain it is important to stress that the analysis and evaluation of articles has been undertaken from a predominantly organisational psychology approach. Nurturing specific Human Capital enhances productivity since the firm develops unique skills in the workforce. The necessary HR practices to promote collective perceptions that generate a desired work climate as well as the relevant organisational effectiveness criteria for three generic business strategies are presented in Table 1. In the present case KACARE the recruitment challenge is one of the key issues More specifically, KACARE will require workers with a variety of competencies - construction, operations, production, management, technology research and development, data analytics and financial analysis, etc. Thirdly, Human Resources serve as a signalling and messaging function. To summarise, research in this area began on the micro-level and macro-level designs were introduced later. Ichniowski et al. External validity of a research design could be enhanced by randomly assigning an HR system or programme to half of a sample of workplaces in a single industry or in a single firm whilst leaving the other half unaffected.

For this reason, the most recent literature is reviewed here to see if we can more decisively and confidently reach conclusions about the HR-organisational performance relationship.

Robbins was used to gain familiarity with the topics that fall under the domain of Human Resources.

research paper on human resource management pdf

Accordingly, there is now greater recognition in the strategic planning literature of the need to consider implementation feasibility during the strategy formulation stage itself Tichy, Configural Approach The configural approach postulates that HR practices should be considered as systems and those systems that are comprised of internally consistent, coherent and well-integrated practices produce synergies that lead to better financial results Arther,MacDuffie,Huselid,Pfeffer,cited in Valle et al.

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A Literature Review On Human Resource Accounting