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The office of the presidency supervises local government units and directly oversees a series of agencies, including the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority. In addition to this, there are regional trial courts with branches in each province.

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The idea behind this is to allow smaller interest groups, indigenous communities, labour and womens organisations to find representation, as the PR system tends to favour single-issue or regional organisations. Prior toChina was not in the Top 10 investors in the Philippines.

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But even prior to the launch of the IRR, the law was executory, or in other words, in effect in receiving complaints. Other reforms that we are working on in this new Congress is the Public Services Act which is now certified urgent. Nonstop flights from Manila to Osaka will now increase to 11 from seven; and Manila to Bangkok will have 25 from 21 flights. President, through your leadership, our bilateral relations with China is at a high level and is opening many business opportunities between our two nations. For the year ahead, in any case, the country will be banging the drums and waving the flags for what promises to be both a vibrant and extensive election hustings. There is also further streamlining to include fire safety as part of the BOSS. This is pursuant to the vision of President Duterte to establish the first Integrated Iron and Steel plant during his term, which will allow the country to produce basic iron and steel products, including flat products.

As of the first half of this year, the US is our 5th largest foreign investment partner with Php2. The House consists of members, elected for three-year terms, with a maximum of three terms.

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This was also one of the Priorities in his point Socioeconomic Agenda when he first took office in We also have to ensure that our domestic base remains strong and on the upswing to soften the impact of these trade disputes. Thank you for listening and mabuhay tayong lahat. The next elections are scheduled for May 9, Down the road, we are trying an end-to-end processing. Greater trade and investment engagements between our two nations will surely help us to create the needed opportunities for our countrymen so that they can attain a better life. The country is treated as a single constituency, with the 12 candidates receiving the highest number of votes nationwide elected.

In recent times, this has often become a cause of friction between the justices and Malacanang the presidential palace. Particularly, to incorporate the Barangay Clearance in the application for the city business permit.

We are thankful that our country still enjoys the Generalized System of Preferences GSP program, were around 3, products from the Philippines can enter the US duty-free. With this, I would like to thank everyone for your continued commitment to the AEC agenda and I look forward to more meaningful exchanges.

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This was widely regarded as demonstrating the weak hold that party affiliation generally has over Filipino politicians. So it allows some kind of flexibility for the need to outsource some parts of the business. This is also important if we want to maintain the strong trade ties between the US and the Philippines despite the prevalent global trade uncertainties. Cabinet members must also be approved by the Congressional Committee of Appointment. Thank you for listening and mabuhay tayong lahat. Indeed, most groupings tend to be the vehicles of particular personalities and their families. In , Joseph Estrada won presidential elections, remaining in office until , when he resigned following mass protests over corruption allegations, often referred to as EDSA 2. Meanwhile, the latest inflation rate eased to just 2. But there are still areas that need to be further deliberated and ironed out if we are to finally conclude the negotiations. If only they got the correct number, we would have improved by 5 notches. We regard the American Chamber of Commerce as one of our strongest partners of the government, especially the Department of Trade and Industry, in creating inclusive growth and shared prosperity in the country. A vice-president is also elected for a single, six-year term, at the same time as the president, but via a separate vote. This sparked a period of political turbulence that ended in with the popular overthrow of Marcos by an opposition movement led by Benignos widow, Corazon. It becomes part of this one-stop-shop in Paranaque City. We tried to address it, of course it is affected by the world oil price affecting the world economy.

But there are still areas that need to be further deliberated and ironed out if we are to finally conclude the negotiations.

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