Outliers epilogue jamaican story summary

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Indeed, Marita's long hours of studying are remarkable, but they are simply part of her life. Hilda's, a school mainly for upper-income children. Gladwell establishes these points by recording scenes from a visit to a KIPP school, and then offers testimony from a student named Marita.

According to Gladwell, Marita "spoke in the matter-of-fact way of children who have no way of knowing how unusual their situation is" Gladwell is aware of how all these seemingly random and arbitrary factors location, skin color, and opportunity play a role in guiding virtually any success.

Mulattos had it relatively good in Jamaica. In Jamaica, male slave-owners traditionally had affairs and relationships with their female slaves.

whose family is at the center of the epilogue in outliers

Daisy and her husband, Donald, worked as schoolteachers in Jamaica; inDaisy gave birth to twin girls.

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Cultural Front: Race and Outliers