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Even though the government is taking measures to stop it and many NGOs have been formed to eradicate this problem nothing concrete has been done yet.

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We hope the government of our country understands the severity of this problem and takes stringent steps to eradicate it. These beggars do not have any home. The policeman leaves him there and reports at the police station. But I got "hookfinger", when the fingers slowly begin to bend towards the palm and can't be fully extended. They depend on others for the fulfillment of their needs. In India, the number of child beggars is huge. Refugee Community Refugees who come from other countries because of different reasons find it hard to get a job and thus indulge in begging to meet their needs. Here is a look at some of the main problems faced by beggars in India: No Food; No Shelter Beggars in India lead their entire life living on the road side. I dreamt of being a powerful woman. Beggars are mostly illiterate and do not make any effort to send their children to school either. The condition of most of the beggars in India is as bad as it looks. Here is a look at the way these beggars lead their lives and what invokes them to choose begging as a way of life. Begging is his profession.

They seldom deny money to child beggars carrying bowl with the pictures of God and oil in it. Small kids in torn clothes also go around from street to street begging for food, clothes and money.

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Those involved in begging cannot see beyond this work. They end up using drugs and they know they're not going to get a job, they're never going to travel and they'll never enjoy restaurants. At the end of each day, they take away a substantial amount of cash and kind collected by the beggars. There are times when I feel suicidal thinking about my life which was ruined by an unknown who raped and impregnated me. They lead their lives living on the footpath. Such is the life of these poor people. It affected me.

The poor beggar has no relatives. Young kids are especially considered good for this work and are thus forced to beg. She is now a year old and she has never seen her father.

In India, the number of child beggars is huge. They usually do not have a house to live in.

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He knows her weakness. Education can change a person for good but these people do not understand this.

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On the other hand, there are beggars who have good amount of wealth and are also physically fit to do different kinds of work to earn money.

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Essay on Beggars for Children and Students in English