High school freshman

At the same time, a stellar GPA made up mostly of electives does not show much ambition. Choosing a balanced schedule requires a careful consideration of many different factors.

Lots of people end high school in a much different friend group than the one that they start high school with. While you want your high school transcript to be impressive, it will not look good if your grades drop because you have piled too much on your plate. Surround yourself with supportive people who can help guide you with comfort and advice.

Knowing how to overcome temptations can be key to continuing to walk in faith during a critical year in high school. You can easily avoid this by just maintaining organizational habits that prevent you from throwing papers anywhere you want if they don't belong somewhere in your bag. That's on you, so make sure that you know that being an independent person means that you take full responsibility for your actions.

It always feels like a test covers a lot of content, and you'll probably do better on the test if you don't cram everything in your head just one night before taking the test. Don't make decisions that don't accurately reflect who you are in terms of morals just because you want to appeal to other people.

freshman year of college

Also, if you do the work at the end of summer, it will probably looked rushed. You'd be putting way too much stress on yourself just to look good, and striving so hard for a good image can make you do poorly in school.

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What to Expect Your Freshman Year in High School