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Moreover, it may not be easy to improve this knowledge. The theory of anomie, propounded by Durkheim, also serves to explain the causes of the high rate of gun crime. For example, we do not know exactly who owns what kinds of firearms or how the owners use them. In other word, there is a certain level of frustration when the 'American dream' cannot be achieved and which may lead to violence. Conclusion: possible solutions The issue of gun control is on many levels a sociological problem. The issue of the socialization into a culture of violence through the media and entertainment has become one of the critiques of American society. Republicans want less gun control and less government altogether. The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution declares that "a well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed" Lintelman. Political officials, responding not only to data and studies but also to widely held and often passionately opposed public beliefs, will have to make policy. A society that provides no outlet for man's idealist passions is asking to be torn apart by violence" Egger et al. Questions of cause-and-effect and more-or-less are not how many Americans think about firearms.

For example; Gun control is a serious problem in the U. But the Court has not spoken so clearly. Gun crimes -- or firearms offenses -- are never far from the headlines in the United States and other countries with high levels of gun ownership.

This theory refers to the concept of 'normlessness' or a lack of meaning and direction in modern societies. Committee members have no special qualifications for deciding who has what rights or what the Second Amendment may mean.

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They believe the right to own a gun is an inherited right and think that it should have little regulation. The organizers, who are calling the Mother's Day event the Million Mom March, want stricter gun laws.

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This involves looking at not only how many firearms are owned and who owns them but also the complex personality, social, and circumstantial factors that intervene between a firearm and its use and the effect, if any, of programs designed to reduce the likelihood that a firearm will cause unjustified harm.

America did not, after all, suddenly become a gun-owning nation.

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Gun Control as a Social Problem Research Proposal