Essay on environmental pollution and its solution

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Radioactive contamination can be caused by breaches at nuclear power plants or improper transport of radioactive chemicals. While this does cut down on gas emissions significantly, there is radioactive waste which causes various cancers to bloom in major cities and small towns all around while destroying ecosystems entirely. If she is unwell how do you presume that she will be able to nurse or nurture you with her milk for infants and other caring components in her nature for the adults. Smog is the result of fossil fuel combustion combined with sunlight and heat. It introduces chemicals in soil and water. First of all, we should make sustainable transportation choices. Conclusion: Population overgrowth and technology advancements have all led to the increase in demand for resources for optimum survival. Vehicles — Use of vehicles has become rampant and there has been a massive growth in the last decade.

Pollen has increased. The living things include animals, plants, and other microorganisms, whereas air, water, soil, sunlight, etc. People have become prisoners of their own creations. Being non bio degradable plastic lingers around for years, rendering them useless.

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Primarily, there is radiation from the sun. Learn about the major polluters in your area to protect the air and water where you live. Over people including woman and children were killed, and hundreds were severely hurt. Other unstable climactic features are — famine, parched land, intermittent or shallow rain and snow, suspended haze and smog of carbon particles in the atmosphere; also severe dust storms due to denuded soil; thunderstorms, avalanches, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Essay on environmental pollution and its solution

The biosphere in which living beings have their sustenance has oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, argon and water vapor. Wind power is coming into play. Chernobyl, Russia and the Bhopal, India gas tragedy are succinct examples of what it will lead to and how the world will end up being. More awareness programs are being organized to educate people about the hazards of environmental pollution and the need of protecting our planet. Moreover, it affects wildlife a lot. When we become greedy we empty her coffin as well. There is no other substitute. However those who seek for a substitute these are available in the markets — seitan, tofu, legumes or tempeh — in their vegetarian form. The environment will continue to deteriorate until pollution practices are abandoned. Pollution disturbs the balance of our ecosystems, affect our normal lifestyles and gives rise to human illnesses and global warming.

Water should be used wisely and one should never keep the tap running. During the last 10 years, the world has witnessed severe rise in environmental pollution.

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The emission of these greenhouse gases and the global warming it causes has led to droughts, erratic rains and increased temperatures worldwide. Types and Causes of Environmental Pollution: The types of environmental pollution are specific to causes and components of the environment. Solar power is a fantastic solution. Essay on Effects of Environmental Pollution — Essay 4 Words Introduction In the name of uninhibited progress and development humans have gorged upon the pristine glory that once earth was. The main pollutants are industries because industries emit harmful gases in the atmosphere, which cause air pollution, industrial effluents are also discharged into water bodies causing water pollution. But it is heartening to find the entire world aware of the menace. Effects on Water Water gets contaminated with waste and debris and chemical effulgent from industries and human made dumps. The solid and liquid forms of residual wastes from industries; urban garbage and untreated sewage and soiled water will all flow into our water bodies. Hazardous wastes are not solely generated by industries; households also generate waste that are hazardous like fluorescent lights, paints and solvents, aerosol cans, motor oil and ammunition. Agricultural Waste — Due to the ever-growing population, the demand for agricultural products has increased manifold. The diseases that occur due to environmental pollution consist of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, lung cancer, skin cancer, lead poisoning, cardiovascular diseases and stroke, radiation augmented cancers, mercury poisoning, congenital disabilities, allergies, lung diseases owing to occupational exposure to numerous toxin and many more. We do not know that if our environment gets more polluted then, it will ultimately affect our health and future too. There is less water available for drinking, cooking, irrigating crops, and washing. Environmental degradation has occurred due to the recent activities in the field of socio-economic, institutional and technologies. Conditions and ailments like Bronchitis, Asthma and the extremely dangerous case of lung cancer and this occurs majorly in the cities.

It affects the physical and biological entities in the bio-sphere.

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Essay on Environmental Pollution for Children, Students and Others