Dawlance report

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Customer demand is changing The company should also concentrate on mass marketing. Recently the inflation and other economic crises has lead to increase in expenses in dealers expenditures which cannot be covered by the extensive incentive schemes hence the margins have gone down.

The HRD will prepare the summary for each department which will be reviewed by the Managing Director. Since the economy is reshaping and rupee is gaining against dollar so it is probable that the company will not face any further import price fluctuation and ultimately stabilize their sales margins.

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The supervisors would appraise the each employee against the objectives given at the start of the year. No other company had yet introduced this technology. However the major problem with LG. The sales officer is being given limited authority to exercise and thus has less influence in the sales. Export opportunities 5. Dawlance seize the opportunity and further exploited the fact to their own advantage. On the basis of their past performances these dealers are taken to the annual World tour even if they fall nominally short of their targets. Company in turn takes police protection to assist their sales and collection department. The dealers are reluctant to clear the outstanding amounts and some even hire hitmen to scare the company. Because of new era in technology and information emphasis should be given to first hand knowledge so that companies can strike before their competitors do. Short fall of electricity. Large scale n effective market.

Dealer preference must be slightly deviated to the end customer preference. Company in turn takes police protection to assist their sales and collection department. Decreasing growth rate in Pakistan Increase investment in power sector 6.

Dawlance report

As compared to prevailing market salary and compensation plans, Dawlance offers a relatively small package.

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Report on Dawlance