Csr events

Csr events

Right or wrong, this is an example of more to come, and how technology changes the game with regard to accessing information. Strategy and IntegrationSustainability ManagementMy kids asked me the other day why Santa needed to make a list. Individuals may still be sued, however, leaving corporate officers open to liability.

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But as Santa and others do this time of year, we are compelled to not only examine the year in retrospect, but to celebrate, analyze, and debate the major events of the last twelve months. Donate excess funds from an event to a charity.

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Are you listening, marketing departments? Recycle name badges — they can be used at your next event. Opt for online registration programs — it will help keep you more organized anyway!

Book with hotels that support green and energy-efficient initiatives. Recycle all paper products used for your meeting or event and try to go electronic with as much of your materials as possible. The first step is already evident: Companies are seeking to understand their impacts and where human trafficking can occur.

Donate leftover flowers to a local nursing home. All it takes is a little creativity which all of us planners are known for! However, there are plenty of other creative ways to add CSR elements to your event, regardless of the types of gatherings you plan. Embedding CSR into your planning process does not have to be a daunting task.

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