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Aquatic water powers[ change change source ] Percy has a lot of powers specifically connected to the things controlled by of Poseidon : seas, horses, sea creatures, and earthquakes.

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Percy's mom loves him more than anything. He describes what it's like not being able to focus well in the classroom: I have moments like that a lot, when my brain falls asleep or something, and the next thing I know I've missed something, as if a puzzle piece fell out of the universe and left me staring at the blank place behind it. Main article: The Lightning Thief Perseus "Percy" Jackson is introduced as a troubled year-old boy who is a student with dyslexia , which makes it hard for him to read, and ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder , which makes it hard for him to pay attention. Percy and his mom dodge it, but Grover is too slow and the Minotaur charges him. He has good gut instincts that help him know exactly what to do when battling a Minotaur rip his horn off and stab the monster with it or when dueling Ares, god of war use the waves to discombobulate the god. He even tells Chiron and Annabeth, "Luke is out there right now […] I have to go after him" At first, Annabeth does not like Percy — especially when it is revealed that he may be the chosen one from the prophecy. Annabeth admits she never loved Luke, and that she cared for him only as a brother. He is our narrator and the hero of The Lightning Thief. Artemis swore to remain a maiden forever, so she has no children; however, she has an honorary cabin in Camp Half-Blood anyway. As they enter the Sea of Monsters, they have to get past Scylla and Charybdis. Percy is his second chance because of an event that happened 5 years earlier that included one demigod Thailia Grace being turned into a pine tree while two others Annabeth Chase and Luke Castellan made it safely to Camp Half-Blood.

Percy first met Tyson at a school called Meriwether Prep, and did not learn of their relationship until much later. It turns out that this was actually Kronos 's plan, done so that he would have another chance to control the prophecy which governs the future of Olympus and the Olympians.

We watch as he realizes what it means to have the Sea God as his dad. They are on much better terms by the end of The Battle of the Labyrinth. Grover Underwood- is a satyr.

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Demeter : Demeter and Percy have a poor relationship due to Percy's lack of respect towards her. Having special powers and being able to make blue cherry coke magically appear in a glass don't really matter to Percy.

He arrives home to his horrible step-dad Gabe Ugliano and his friends playing poker. Soon, Poseidon left due to affairs in Mount Olympus. Annabeth Chase- is a daughter of Athena, goddess of wisom and battle strategy.

Percy then holds the figurine of the god Bianca gave him at the junk yard. Soon after, the Fates snip the string of life which makes both Grover very worried and Percy extremely suspicious.

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Percy is confused, but his mother takes them both in the car and drives quickly away. His next-oldest friend is Annabeth Chase, whom he meets when she helps nurse him back to health after his first fight with the Minotaur. How cool is that? Early Expulsions Percy has never stayed at a school for more than a year, as he was expelled from every school he attended. The name for this potential relationship is commonly known as perachel per- ray- ch- elle Nico di Angelo : Percy was unaware of Nico's romantic interest towards him until the last chapters of The Blood of Olympus, and he was shown as a bit confused when Nico confessed to him, although Annabeth got what the son of Hades meant. Their relationship gradually changes throughout the first series , with the goddess Aphrodite first insinuating that it was romantic in The Titan's Curse , when Percy undertakes a quest to free Annabeth from the Titan Atlas. Technically she is married to Hephaestus, but she has been cheating on him with Ares for a long time. However, Thalia had agreed to become one of Artemis ' Hunters before this, so it is possible that this may not have mattered. This made a lot of people bully him and his stepdad also suspected something was wrong with Percy. Hades Hades is the god of the Underworld and presumed to be the one who stole Zeus' lightning bolt in an effort to start war. The Fleece not only revives Thalia's tree, but Thalia too. But he also remembers what Annabeth said once about how living in the real world serves as a true test of a hero's abilities, because that's where all the monsters lurk. He is portrayed as a jovial person, but he is upset at his father and desires revenge by stealing the lightning bolt and the Helm of Darkness.
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