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Also, check out more funnel diagram templates available in SlideModel PowerPoint collection. For example, depending on cost, time, quality or scope in addition to profitability.

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It shows the objective of 5 stage process flow diagram as the box of product. Such as, demonstrating sales, lead generation process, marketing strategies etc. Hence, the 5 stages diagram presentation of horizontal funnel produce the graphic illustration of continuous flow and product bas analysis.

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The 5 stage PowerPoint presentation also show the input and output of data analysis process. The PowerPoint template will get molded the way you want.

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Moreover, the template of 5 stage process flow funnel can represent the effort and monitoring require in each phase to achieve a desire outcome. This is a unique diagram of funnel process which displays filtering of data as colorful bubbles in flat stages. Funnel diagram PowerPoint templates display the values in a steadily diminishing degree.

No one would deny the fact that funnel ppt templates can depict a complex process in ease. All funnel PowerPoint templates in our collection are entirely editable.

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5 Stage Process Flow Diagram for PowerPoint