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College sporting events bring in money through tickets, jerseys, shirts, and other gear. A quote from Gale says to us that they are making unjust double standards for the team. This would mean you would pay nothing to attend a four year college, and this is the reality for many individuals today; these people are commonly known as student-athletes. College athletes benefit the school with another income. They are students first, athletes second. For those who manage to graduate, they have a disadvantage because they did some less competitive courses which require little work. Colleges are making a great deal of money from sports and many college coaches make just as much as NFL coaches and more than a professor would in a year. Well this business is known as the NCAA. Many collegiate sports fans also believe that collegiate athletes from around the country should be compensated for playing sports; however, paying college athletes would cause multiple problems in college athletics. Secondly, the athletes receive scholarships and some support from the colleges.

In comparison, that could be paying college photographers or college doctors to basically continue their education, and learn.

Some college athletes possess skills that are similar to professional participants and should be at least compensated for their skills. Due to the fact that the college students face the same magnitude of risk injury as professional athletes, this makes the debate of being compensated more viable because scholarships alone are not able to cover this on their own.

Finally, Dr. Most of the participants are black with the remaining percentage being shared among the other races. Actually, they are being paid by a scholarship that covers books, food, rent on campus, etc. They spend the same hours a week that the athletes on scholarship do, but they also have to pay for everything else.

Essay - One of the most debated topics in the world of sports today is whether or not college athletes should be paid to play.

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Ever since then, the three major sports -- football, basketball, and hockey-- have brought in major cash and popularity for colleges around the US. The athletes should get paid because of how hard they work in season and the off-season.

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Also, the American Coaches Association says that more than fifty percent of student athletes do not graduate on the required time and others even do not graduate. Analysis of Essay Sample In this essay example, we shall consider the ethical issues that are involved in the argument that student-athletes ought to be paid.

Athletic pay essay

If the athletes in the NCAA were no longer considered amateurs, they woud lose their tax-exempt status. There is an entire market for college sports and the associations that oversee these college teams, the ones that broadcast their games on television, and the sponsors that support them make a huge profit.

The athletes that provide and make a ton of revenue for the colleges also spend a huge amount of their time practicing and staying committed to sports, and have to maintain good grades in school which requires quite a bit of overtime

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