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Click an approach on the left to navigate to it Horizontal Evaluation A particular type of case study used to jointly develop an agreed narrative of how an innovation was developed, including key contributors and processes, to inform future innovation efforts.

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This indicator is implicitly time-bound, but not explicitly. An indicator will look quite different if its intended purpose is to inform strategy and programme development as opposed to monitoring targets and holding specific actors accountable.

The question ultimately boils down to what disaggregation criteria are applied and in response to whose demand. To ensure a shared understanding of why and how they are being used, as well as transparency, it is important to make explicit the justification for the assumption that these indicators are grounded in international human rights law and they are linked to the field of health.

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Yet a human rights perspective suggests querying the assumed neutrality of an indicator: we should think about who uses it, for what purposes and in what ways. It describes what people are talking about but does not specify the audience to be measured or who they are talking to. The foundation of improvements in fisheries management is an accurate data set collected using efficient methods. Attention to human rights considerations can also make an important contribution to the use of purportedly neutral health data and help to ensure these data do not end up unintentionally fostering stigma, discrimination or further violations of human rights. Drawing attention to all elements of a rights-based approach, indicators which genuinely capture both sets of concerns will ultimately help to determine whether policies and programmes that are the most effective in health terms are also those that have achieved the greatest level of compliance with human rights principles. High female literacy rates generally correspond with an increase in the knowledge of contraception and a falling birth rate. Many countries have now implemented smoking bans. Within the public health community, statistical significance achieved through use of quantitative indicators has long been seen as the gold standard for research and evaluation. What occurs before, during and after the measurement process itself is equally important as what is being measured. The SOTC score is computed by percentage assignment 19 with the questions organised into four components: Ai, policy measures; Bj, capacity indicators; Ck, tobacco control activities; Dl, quality of the activities.

This point is usually referred to as a baseline. Better results allows for informed progress reports grounded in evidence, which help prove the effectiveness of a program to current and future funders. Also, each country can be easily compared and calculated so that patterns can be seen quickly.

This method is an acceptable way of evaluating a program, although it creates complications when used for ongoing monitoring.

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