A plot overview of the story of the pearl

A plot overview of the story of the pearl

On the day that Kino is to sell the pearl, the other divers do not go diving. The pearl buyers have already planned to convince Kino that the great pearl he has found is worth very little because it is too large. Uneasy about the pearl and the negative attention it is bringing onto the family, Juana tries to steal the pearl and dispose of it.

He administers a drug to help him and then leaves, the next day Coyotito has stomach spasms and his state deteriorates. The servant leaves to bring news to the fat and lazy doctor who lives a lavish life in a French robe and daydreaming of his return to France. They make camp nearby, and two of the trackers sleep while the third stands watch.

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After that, Kino and his family were in a constant battle against evil to preserve the good that they enjoyed before. This mention of the pearl greatly intrigues the doctor, and Kino is left with an uneasy feeling.

Kino is named for the missionary Eusebio Kino. Kino tells her that the pearl is their prize possession. The thieves, are shadowy figures who attack Kino from the moment it becomes widely known he has a precious object.

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The word travels quickly about the pearl and many in the town begin to plot ways to steal it. Kino, realizing that the trackers will discover them in the morning, vows to attack the trackers before the trackers attack he and his family. Kino's neighbors wonder what they would do if they had found the pearl, and suggest giving it as a present to the Pope, buying Masses for the souls of his family, and distributing it among the poor of La Paz. The doctor returns and feeds Coyotito a potion to quiet his spasms. He knows that they will steal the pearl and kill his family if they catch them. This theme is displayed in other themes as well and it is shown from the beginning to the end. Once Kino discovers the pearl, he begins to dream about what could come from this fortune as greed fills his head, but as he tries to carry out this plan, the good wealth also brings destruction to his family as he treats Juana poorly and is abusive. The second buyer was trying to get the pearl for less than it was worth, but Kino, with his family in mind, declined to search for a better deal. When he finally finds them he attempts to attack them. As Juana ascends from the shore to the brush house, she finds the pearl lying in the path. The first pearl buyer raises his offer to buy the pearl, but it is too late; Kino leaves. That night, a thief attempts to break into Kino's hut, but Kino drives him away.

As he returns to the brush house, a group of hostile men confronts him and tries to take the pearl from him.

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The Pearl (novel)