A history of the different good deeds of queen catherine that made russia better

The remodelling of the Cadet Corps in initiated many educational reforms. Her religious policies aimed to control populations and religious institutions in the multi-religious empire and were not an expression of religious freedom.

It is possible that Menshikov, who was quite jealous of Peter's attentions and knew his tastes, wanted to procure a mistress on whom he could rely.

France and Russia were rivals, and they would continue to be on and off for a long time particularly thanks to Napoleonso both slated the citizens of the other.

They submitted recommendations for the establishment of a general system of education for all Russian orthodox subjects from the age of 5 to 18, excluding serfs. The commission studied the reform projects previously installed by I.

catherine the great accomplishments

The traditionally held view of Peter as a person of weak character with many vices is mainly drawn from the memoirs of his wife and successor.

She acquired his collection of books from his heirs, and placed them in the National Library of Russia. Over this tunic she wore a red velvet dolman with very short sleeves. But they had underestimated Catherine's ambition— she aimed at a more exalted role for herself.

InCatherine and Peter welcomed a son, the future tsar Paul I.

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Catherine the Great and Russia